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About Me

Who is Pamela Grossman?

By day: mild-mannered school teacher.  By night: compulsive knitwear designer.  Late afternoon: mama needs a latte.  Pamela Grossman wears a variety of hats and she tries to keep them jaunty. 

Welcome to my website/blog mashup. Glad you could come! I love finding ways to fit knitwear design into my jam-packed existence.

I started knitting as a little girl, taught by my mom. It became a business when, as a stay-at-home mom, I saw a need for wool soaker knitting patterns for DIY knitters in the cloth diapering community. That’s when I started blogging too.

Originally, my goal was to keep in touch with my far-away-family Back East when we moved from New York to the Seattle area.  As a stay-at-home-mom I developed a wonderful extended family of what I call “imaginary friends” – many remain friends to this day.

I’ve been blogging since 2003 on my old xanga blog about my life as a mom, my knitwear design business, my passion for teaching and my commitment to eating delicious homemade desserts. Added recently: my enthusiasm (successfully masking my lack of talent) for playing the ukulele and my return to teaching in the Deaf Community. Typically, you will find stories about classes I’m teaching and knitting epiphanies.

I returned to work as a schoolteacher in 2006 and my blogging and knitwear designing became inconsistent.  I’ve gone quiet for periods as life demands put knitwear design on a back burner. But here we go again (2016!), as I’ve been designing, publishing, and teaching all kinds of classes at my wonderful LYS (Local Yarn Shop) Serial Knitters, in Kirkland ,WA.

I hope you’ll join in the knitting and conversation here on my blog/website!

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