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Case Study: Deciding on Debbie W’s Fox Paws Color Scheme

My new friend Debbie in California is excited about doing the Fox Paws knitalong but has struggled with color selection. She ordered a pile of Gloss Fingering yarn from Knit Picks and, after sifting through, nothing seemed to click. Then she saw this photo and it all came together.

butterfly paws image


(Does anyone have a credit for this photo?)

She selected these yarns plus black to make her project:

butterfly paws yarn


We conferenced online to walk through the process of creating her color scheme. I’ll share with you some of the screenshots of our collaboration.

First, I used Adobe Color to mock up¬†Debbie’s Palette.

adobe color screenshot of Debbie's Palette

She wasn’t sure it captured the colors correctly so I tried again for a lighter green:

adobe color screenshot of Debbie's Palette 2


More true to life, Debbie said. She told me she was surreptitiously holding her yarn up to her iPhone and hoping no one saw her…


I opened up Xandy Peter’s coloring page for Fox Paws in MS Paint and pasted in the palette. We tried for the first color, purple as A. Then, tested out yellow as the border color.

Debbies A D

She liked it! We filled in all of the D as yellow. Now, what should border the yellow?

Debbie's A D What next.

First we tried blue to border the yellow.

Debbie's A D Try Blue

Not our favorite. We tried black. Better!

Debbie's A D Try black

Next decision, what to border the black? We went for the bold blue.

Debbie's A B D Try E as blue


We both loved it! That left only to fill in the green. It worked beautifully:

Debbie's Screenshot of all colors filled in


And here’s the final jpeg of the image that she can use when she knits her Fox Paws:

Debbie's fox paws coloring page image complete

Happy knitting, Debbie! We want lots of photos!

Follow Debbie’s project here.

For an in-depth explanation of using Paint to plan your Fox Paws colors, click here for my earlier blog post, Playing With Colors.



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