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Fox Paws Updated Class Overview with Materials List

Fox Paws Knitalong and Workshop Sessions @ Serial Knitters, Kirkland, WA (
{In-person workshop sessions: March 1, March 8, March 22 – 1:30 to 3:30}

KAL Deadline: April 25th at Midnight – Drawing in the shop April 26th for a $50 Serial Knitters Gift Certificate and a free pattern from Wooly Wonder. {This date represents a change; originally it was a shorter time period.}

Virtual knitalong on the SK Ravelry Forum:

To qualify for the drawing, post your completed project on the Serial Knitters Ravelry Forum in the FO thread by midnight, April 25th. Both workshop attendees and virtual participants are included in the drawing.

Session 1: New Stitches, Yarn and Color Selection.Learn the stitches with two practice mini-projects from Xandy Peters: Star and Leaf projects; Select your yarn colors and experiment with stripe/color order.

Materials needed for Session 1:

  • Medium-weight, bouncy scrap yarn. Pick something with some stretch to it. It‚Äôs nice to have a couple of colors for experimenting. Weight doesn‚Äôt matter, just pick something that is comfortable for experimenting.
  • Needles to match. You may want to bring a few different types to see what works best. Wood needles can be tricky for this project as there is a lot of stress on the needles and some have experienced breakage. Circulars are suggested because of the flexible cable.
  • The usual notions and tools, stitch markers, scissors, etc.
  • Optional: Laptop or tablet
  • Optional: Color scheme ideas

Session 2: Pattern Study and Swatch.Decode the pattern, discover patterns within the pattern, practice with a swatch. Discuss stitch marker placement and lifeline strategies. Decide on your width and look at the numbers.

Materials needed for Session 2:

  • Fox Paws Pattern
  • Project Yarn and needles
  • The usual notions and tools, stitch markers, scissors, etc.
  • Optional: Laptop or tablet

Session 3: Community Knit. If you haven’t already, cast on and begin. Share your progress and troubleshoot concerns. Get tips and suggestions.

Materials needed for Session 3:

  • Your work in progress

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