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Long Tail Cast-on Tutorials, Tips and Tricks…

Hey Knitters, looking to learn the¬†Long Tail Cast-On? ¬†Here are some resources and suggestions to get you started…

Step One: Watch this lovely, simple tutorial from If you follow the link and go over to their website, she has a lovely explanation of the qualities of this cast-on.

Step Two: Grab some scrap yarn and give it a go.

Step Three: Celebrate and post a picture of what you’ve done!

Alternate Step Three: Throw it on the ground, mutter curses and post here about the problems you are having.

Tips for stretchy cast-on success… I recently took a class from knitting guru Cat Bordhi. She talked about the secret to a stretchy cast-on. When you make your cast-on, don’t pull those stitches tight and sit them close together. Space them out evenly with a small equal space between each stitch… about the size of the height of the stitch. This leaves space for a lovely stretchy edge.

More tricks… How long should the tail be?
With the long-tail cast-on you need to estimate the length of tail needed in order to make all of your stitches. That can be a drag. One way to avoid this is to cast on using two balls of yarn, or two ends of the same ball of yarn. How?

I found Julie Weisenberger’s short and useful blog tutorial here that shows it in pictures:

And here’s a clear, concise video version by Liat Gat:

Check them both out and see if you want to give this method a try.¬†The only downside is you have one more end to weave in at the end. However, in a future post I’m going to show you how to weave in your ends beautifully, so it’ll be nice to have some additional ends for practice …

Veterans, have other thoughts about the long-tail cast-on? Please share them here. Not everyone agrees on techniques because, luckily, we are all different. So, share your experience and any favorite resources you have.

Let’s practice casting on!

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