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summer dreams

So last night I had my first teacher anxiety dream of the summer. It may have been inspired by all the reading I’ve been doing about setting up a compassionate and carefully-structured classroom. (See: Responsive Classroom) In my dream I was teaching in a city classroom in a public school somewhere. It was the first week of school (maybe high school?) and I had forgotten to do all the great set-up routines, teach the signals, etc. The kids were crazy and I was scared of them. Me? Scared of children? In all my years of teaching, this has never happened in real life. I’m not even scared of middle-schoolers. Despite this, it’s a recurring nightmare that’s been haunting me in various incarnations for decades.

In the daylight hours I’ve been supercharged with enthusiasm, making new posters and themed color-coded materials for my classroom, developing routines and even buying potting soil to re-pot my classroom plants. I’m ON TOP OF IT. ¬†People are wondering why I don’t “take some time off” or “relax”. (Like staying home and doing laundry is relaxing for someone?) I don’t want to take a single day away from thinking, planning, creating. ¬†I’m staying up late at night getting (p)inspiration from the clever strategies other teachers have shared on the internets. If I stop rolling around in these ideas, will I lose my train of thought and forget something essential? I’m immersing myself in creative possibilities and it’s thrilling and possibly somewhat manic.

So is my subconscious dream-self telling me to keep up the exciting work, or warning me to take it down a notch?

Yes, I did make tiny little targets and arrows with the students' names on them, to match our "Hitting the Target" classroom theme.

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