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Kids are going on week three? or four? of No Screens During the Week. That means M-F – all school days – there is no TV, Video Games or¬†Computer allowed. They seemed to have gotten used to it, then there was a little meltdown, and today more crying about it. I said, “But you’re doing so well in school with this change,” to which Sam replied, “I don’t care about doing well in school!!” Boo hoo.¬†Sam then said, “I will not clean my room until we get screens back!” I replied, “Fine, I won’t feed you!!! ”

Mother Of The YEAR!

The freakouts seem to happen at transitional times and at bedtime. They fussed all the way home in the car but now they are happy and busy in the garage playing with a friend, doing a variety of construction projects and riding bikes.

If I can keep from letting their complaining get under my skin, things may just be ok.

In other news, decisions about Sam’s middle school trajectory are freaking me out and Eli has no idea why he went from being Haman (main charachter/villain)¬†in his class’s Purim skit to Guard #2. Hmmm….

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