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Today we drove to Portland for a little family vay-cay. We landed first at Ground Kontrol Рa classic video game arcade. The kids and husband were thrilled and overjoyed. Eli hit Frogger hard and Sam had a taste for Ms. Pac Man. Scott got the high score on Ms. Pac Man. (Ms. Pac Man,  Sam, not Mrs. Pac Man.)

After that we had early dinner at a delicious restaurant called Ping, ¬†a cousin of our fave Portland restaurant, Pok Pok. Then we waited in line for about an hour (in the rain)¬†outside Voodoo Doughnut. We took home a box of them, but honestly, I’m just as happy with a Top Pot any day. The funny thing about Voodoo Doughnut is the silly doughnut names and the extremely unsubtle innuendo. Eli decided he wanted the doughnut called Old Dirty Bastard. It was funny when he asked for it and Scott and I cracked up. “Mom, I think I want an Old Dirty Bastard.”¬† We tried to capture him saying it on video, but once he knew it was a bad word he wouldn’t say it again. We could get him to say their catch phrases, the magic is in the hole, or good things come in pink boxes, but it wasn’t as much fun.

Tomorrow we’ll hit a¬†museum and a couple of restaurants and maybe Powell’s bookstore.¬† And, I imagine, back to the arcade. Maybe we’ll try this cute Slappy Cakes for breakfast. ¬†Any Portlanders want to meet up, give me a call!

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