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The Blog Contest is over — Here are the results! Thanks for playing!


So I think what I’ll do is post this blog and then update it with additional info as I go along so there’s just one post. You’ll have to hit refresh every once in a while, sound good?

My first job will be to compile my list of subscribers. If you’re not confirmed as a subscriber, then you have a few minutes to get on it! Say hi in comments if you’re hanging around!


Giveaways #1 – 4: Copies of the new Stitch ‘n Bitch book

1 – #16, Jamma!

2-#45, Angela S! (I actually drew your name twice – will be giving you a second prize too, pattern of your choice.)

3- #2, Abigail!!

4, #26, Pam M!!

Yay so far! If this is you shoot me a message with the contact form up top with your address so I can have your book mailed!

I am using and going back and forth between my spreadsheet of subscribers so this is a little clunky slow. Will speed things up as I get more adept with the clicking!


Prize #5 is a package of yarn from Debbie Stoller’s yarn company, Stitch Nation.

And the winner IS…. #22 Meg B! A true yarn critic, so it will be interesting to get your take, Meg!

This is the yarn:

And it’s in this colorway:


Prizes #6-9 will be copies of my knitting pattern Necking. That’s this one:

Necking - new knitting pattern to be released August 2010. Sign up for the class in September at

6-#46 Angela S AGAIN! 

7-#18 Karen F! (do you already have it?)

8-#3 Amanda B!!

9-#30 Saille!!

Ok, email me and I’ll shoot you a copy of the pattern!


Prize #10 will be your choice of any three knitting patterns I have ever published.

Winner is… toyiarenee!! email me with your choices!

Prizes #11 and #12 will apply only to local knitters.

#11: Free admission to one class of mine at Serial Knitters yarn shop. 

Winner is: Lindsay!

#12: A one-on-one private knitting lesson on the topic of your choice.

Winner is: Debbie!

So please contact me to set up your dates for that!!

Thanks to everyone for playing! I hope you had fun.

For everyone who came to play, I have a SPECIAL UNANNOUNCED PRIZE! I am going to post coupon good in my shop:

Get Necking pattern for ONLY $1, good until January 1.

I will go make that coupon and post it back here¬†…

Happy New Year and stuff!!


The coupon code to use in the wooly wonder store is: yopp.  That will be good for $3 off Necking, bringing your price to $1 plus tax where applicable!

You can also purchase the pattern on ravelry for $1 by following this link, or by entering the same code, yopp.

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