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a present for you…

¬†To continue the blog-opening celebration I have a present for you. Can you guess what it is?¬† It’s my blanket pattern from this awesome new book, Superstar Knitting:

Why do you need another knitting book? What does this one have to offer?

Well, first, it is hilarious. I find the Debbie Stoller writing style to be so terribly amusing. I can’t resist topic titles like, “knit, if you will, a picture” and “Lace, The Final Frontier”. That gives me a laugh, and the book is full of little giggles like that. “Start Me Up” is the name of the section on cast-ons. So if you know me you can imagine I’m Prince-ing and Mick Jagger-ing all over the place having a fun old time just reading the book.

Then there is the instructional section of the book.¬†Directions are simple and clear, with helpful illustrations. There’s even a section on creating your own patterns that¬†leads you through the calculations necessary to design several sweater styles. If you don’t know how to design with percentages, this is a great read to get you started. Plus, the book is chock full of handy hints like how many stitches to pick up around a neckline and how to create twisted cord.¬† I love twisted cord! If you are an advanced beginner ready to take on something more challenging than a scarf then you need a fantastic guide – this book is gonna be your sherpa.

Finally there are the patterns.¬† How adorable! From a baby sweater with an interchangeable front panel (spit up here, spit up gone!)¬†adorned with intarsia animals to the fantastic squirrel mittens you need, there is eye candy galore. And not only that, these are patterns you’ll actually want to knit and designs you’ll want to wear. Even if you pretty much know all the techniques,¬†it is worth it for the 40+ patterns. The crowd favorite when I show this book around is the Rococo Shawl by Elena Rosenberg. Elena, if you’re reading, I think you’ve designed the one that’ll be racking up the hits on ravelry.

So there you have it in a nutshell, my zippy review of the new S ‘n B book. Great gift for a knitter. Or, win¬†one in my superfantastic blog contest.

¬†Enjoy the pattern, and do send a photo if you knit one up. It’s a fun knit, makes a great gift, if I do say so myself.

Happy knitting! Say hello…

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