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New Pattern: #CeliaStrong Poncho

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Yep I named it with a hashtag right in the title.

Hello knitters, friends and relatives,

Against all realistic odds I have released a new pattern for your enjoyment! The #CeliaStrong Poncho is a cushy asymmetrical multi-color cancer-fighting brioche poncho knit in the round with minimal seaming and built-in extremely fashionable fringe. Everything you could have possibly wanted in a knit. Make it now before the wheel of style turns and dictates we can only use it as a cozy blanket.

Celia is a 16-year-old friend fighting cancer. I wanted to make her a poncho because ponchos are in right now and we are stylish people. It came out pretty amazing. So, here’s the pattern. Thanks for the inspiration, Celia! 50% of the proceeds from the sales of this pattern will go to the cancer research organization of my choice. The other 50% will probably buy yarn.

This lofty, cozy brioche poncho is knit in the round using one color at a time. No carrying colors is needed. After knitting the whole thing as a tube, finish by creating the head opening with a three-needle bind off. A 10-stitch stockinette panel is dropped, cut and tied off to create fringe along one edge. Built-in fringe! No tying on hundreds of short strands!

For extra fun, I’d love it if you’d tag your project photos with #CeliaStrong #ponchostrong and of course, #teambrioche!

In order to do this project you need the following skills, or a willingness to learn:

Brioche knitting, casting on, three-needle binding off, knitting in the round, being completely awesome.

Use this link for the ¬†next week to get $2 off the $8 pattern price in honor of Megan’s Birthday. You can also use the coupon code MBBD.¬†

Use this link to check out the pattern on 

Dedicated to Celia Balderston:

Your fight and my love for your mama inspired me to create your poncho. It gave me great joy to do it. I hope it cuddles you up and helps you stay cozy and strong. Sending so much love,

Pamela Grossman