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ode to an abandoned project

Sweet crochet and beads
Seven skeins of lace weight yarn
What was I thinking?

knitting-related class at serial knitters!

I’ll be teaching a class next weekend at Serial Knitters¬†in Kirkland. Learn to use a¬†super cool app called KnitCompanion. Any questions? Call the shop to register. (425) 242-0086


I wrote a poem today!

Two Ways of Looking at a Pillow

~a poem in two parts~

Part I

At night I sit with pillows propped

and know my tasks should soon be stopped.

But books lure sweetly, “One more word!”

and warning voices won’t be heard.


“Tomorrow you will want to¬†cry!”

“Smart heads upon their pillows lie!”¬†

Despite this knowledge, with book I sit,

and clutching my needles, continue to knit.


Part II

The pillows I viewed last night with rejection

this morning receive undiluted affection.

Blankets billow and cuddle and soothe;

my body I will not remove.


The tasks of the day loom large in my brain

yet under this pillow I’ll steadfastly remain.

Why in the morning does it tempt and demand,

while a pillow at night is dismissed out of hand?




I wrote this today at a Responsive Classroom workshop, inspired by the poem Bed In Summer by Robert Louis Stevenson. Hooray for Academic Choice! Gosh, I love to write. I’d forgotten.