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fewer emails from pamelamama’s blog…

So, it seems like my blog is generating a lot of emails for subscribers. I’ve changed the settings so that one email will go out per day letting you know what’s gone up on the blog that day. You wont’ get an email every single time, just a daily digest.

Let’s see if that’s more manageable… If you want to be a subscriber to the blog but not receive emails, you do that through the “register” option. Registered users can opt out of emails.

Next week we’re planning a tri…

Next week we’re planning a trip to Portland with the kids. Any suggestions for kid-friendly attractions?

13 Products Most Likely To Mad…

13 Products Most Likely To Made By Child Or Forced Labor (PHOTOS) via @huffingtonpost

The Blog Contest is over — Here are the results! Thanks for playing!


So I think what I’ll do is post this blog and then update it with additional info as I go along so there’s just one post. You’ll have to hit refresh every once in a while, sound good?

My first job will be to compile my list of subscribers. If you’re not confirmed as a subscriber, then you have a few minutes to get on it! Say hi in comments if you’re hanging around!


Giveaways #1 – 4: Copies of the new Stitch ‘n Bitch book

1 – #16, Jamma!

2-#45, Angela S! (I actually drew your name twice – will be giving you a second prize too, pattern of your choice.)

3- #2, Abigail!!

4, #26, Pam M!!

Yay so far! If this is you shoot me a message with the contact form up top with your address so I can have your book mailed!

I am using and going back and forth between my spreadsheet of subscribers so this is a little clunky slow. Will speed things up as I get more adept with the clicking!


Prize #5 is a package of yarn from Debbie Stoller’s yarn company, Stitch Nation.

And the winner IS…. #22 Meg B! A true yarn critic, so it will be interesting to get your take, Meg!

This is the yarn:

And it’s in this colorway:


Prizes #6-9 will be copies of my knitting pattern Necking. That’s this one:

Necking - new knitting pattern to be released August 2010. Sign up for the class in September at

6-#46 Angela S AGAIN! 

7-#18 Karen F! (do you already have it?)

8-#3 Amanda B!!

9-#30 Saille!!

Ok, email me and I’ll shoot you a copy of the pattern!


Prize #10 will be your choice of any three knitting patterns I have ever published.

Winner is… toyiarenee!! email me with your choices!

Prizes #11 and #12 will apply only to local knitters.

#11: Free admission to one class of mine at Serial Knitters yarn shop. 

Winner is: Lindsay!

#12: A one-on-one private knitting lesson on the topic of your choice.

Winner is: Debbie!

So please contact me to set up your dates for that!!

Thanks to everyone for playing! I hope you had fun.

For everyone who came to play, I have a SPECIAL UNANNOUNCED PRIZE! I am going to post coupon good in my shop:

Get Necking pattern for ONLY $1, good until January 1.

I will go make that coupon and post it back here¬†…

Happy New Year and stuff!!


The coupon code to use in the wooly wonder store is: yopp.  That will be good for $3 off Necking, bringing your price to $1 plus tax where applicable!

You can also purchase the pattern on ravelry for $1 by following this link, or by entering the same code, yopp.

So how about that blog contest?

Good news… I’m not going to make you wait a whole ‘nother week to have the contest drawing! However I AM going to make you wait one more day. I am going to do the drawing at my leisure tomorrow. So that is tomorrow, ¬†Saturday, at about noon Pacific time. Will you join me here for the live blogging event?

It’s not too late to get in on the contest. Details are here. Happy Weekend, Happy Vacation, for those of you now on holiday, and Shabbat Shalom for those of you to whom that applies. *wave*

My babywearing coat insert: ht…

My babywearing coat insert:

Ravelry: pamelamama’s little neck vine

Ravelry: pamelamama’s little neck vine. Wanna see something I made? You can also see it in the photos up top, click December 2010 knitting.

cast-on toolbox tutorials

I taught a cast-on class on Sunday. Here are the three handouts to go along with the lessons. Anyone who wants a copy, go for it.

Crocheted provisional cast-on, Estonian cast on:

This one is rather old and embarrassingly poor quality, Channel Island Cast on:

Check the link up top for more freebies. Enjoy!

gimme seltzer…

So, I overhear a heated discussion from the back seat of the car. Then Sam pipes up…

Sam: Mom, Eli’s just not New York-y enough.

Me: What do you mean?

Sam: Well, he was born in New York, right?

Me: Yes.

Sam: Well he doesn’t even know what SELTZER is!!!

Ha ha ha! Crazy old kids.

I just helped donate $1M to sc…

I just helped donate $1M to schools in need and you can too with #BingGives