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teaching update – opportunities to knit together

Hi Friends! Exciting classes, including some freebies, coming up in the next few months. Please register! Excited to knit with you. Also, see above, a new feature called “teaching calendar” so you can stay up to date!

At Serial Knitters:

Two Color Brioche Workshop – the Hosta Scarf, a Nancy Marchant pattern

Brioche stitch in two colors! Wow! So beautiful! Students must be familiar with knitting brioche stitch.

  • 2 class sessions
  • Cost $70 plus pattern & supplies (Please purchase the pattern here or here on your own and bring your copy to class.)
  • Saturdays, January 9th & 23rd from 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Call or visit Serial Knitters to register. Class size is limited. 425-242-0086

Free #CeliaStrong Poncho Demo —Two Color Brioche

Saturday, January 9 from 3:30pm—4:30pm

Get hands-on help with the techniques from my latest pattern, #CeliaStrong. We’d be happy¬†to¬†help you with your yarn selection or¬†show you the fun tricks that make this a quick and interesting knit. Try one on! Everyone wants to knit #CeliaStrong. (She’s already strong, but we’re knitting her even stronger!)

Registration is not required.

Check out the Serial Knitters website for the most up-do-date info on classes offered in the Kirkland, WA shop.

And Elsewhere…

Fox Paws Foundations – mini-class at the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat,¬†FEBRUARY 11-14, 2016,¬†Hotel Murano, Tacoma, Washington. (Mini-Class Schedule is released in January 2016. – Sign up for updates on their page to get the latest information.) I’ll also be doing a free Fox Paws Q & A in the rotunda at Madrona – more details to follow.

Fox Paws Foundations with Pamela Grossman

Have you gazed in wonder at Xandy Peters’ mind-bending designs? If you haven’t, you should, right here:

Maybe you’ve thought, “How could I ever do something that complex and fancy?” Perhaps you’ve agonized, “I’m a fabulous, experienced knitter, why is Fox Paws so hard for me!”

Help is at hand. Join Pamela Grossman for Fox Paws Foundations to learn the unusual stitch patterns and techniques used in Fox Paws. To prepare for her Fox Paws workshops at Serial Knitters in Kirkland, WA, Pamela undertook an in-depth study of the pattern devising tips and strategies to help knitters truly understand the compelling but tricky stacked increases and decreases. She collaborated with Xandy while developing the workshop plan.

In our class we’ll learn about stacked increases and decreases, do an exploratory swatch and, as time allows, test out the practice mini-projects from Xandy Peters’ blog, the Star and Oak Leaf practice projects: (free) (free)

We’ll also get an overview of the video playlist that Pamela has organized to support Fox Paws.  If time allows, we will review the Fox Paws pattern itself alongside Pamela’s “Fox Paws Cheat Sheet” – an unofficial guide to parsing the pattern and remaining calm despite the challenges of the dreaded, feared and adored row 6.

Skills required: casting on, knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, binding off (adventurous advanced beginner)


  • Your own printed copy of the Fox Paws Pattern
  • Medium-weight (DK, sport or worsted), bouncy scrap yarn. Pick something with some stretch to it. It‚Äôs nice to have a few colors for experimenting. Weight doesn‚Äôt matter, just pick something that is comfortable for you.
  • Needles to match. (Size 7 or 8 or whatever you use for medium weight yarn.) You may want to bring a few different types to see what works best. Wood needles can be tricky for this project as there is a lot of stress on the needles and some have experienced breakage. Circulars are suggested because of the flexible cable.
  • The usual notions and tools, stitch markers, scissors, etc.
  • optional: internet-connected tablet, phone or laptop

Homework: Cast on for the following swatch:

  • Cast on 25 stitches with a medium weight yarn and matching needles. Knit two rows garter stitch.

NOTE: We will not have time in this session to do an in-depth study of Xandy’s pattern. Pamela will be able share her cheat sheet, video playlist and other resources.

Interested in a class you don’t see or a private¬†lesson? Email pamelamama at or give a call over to Serial Knitters:425-242-0086.

Want to hire Pamela to teach a class at your venue? Email!


The Blog Contest is over — Here are the results! Thanks for playing!


So I think what I’ll do is post this blog and then update it with additional info as I go along so there’s just one post. You’ll have to hit refresh every once in a while, sound good?

My first job will be to compile my list of subscribers. If you’re not confirmed as a subscriber, then you have a few minutes to get on it! Say hi in comments if you’re hanging around!


Giveaways #1 – 4: Copies of the new Stitch ‘n Bitch book

1 – #16, Jamma!

2-#45, Angela S! (I actually drew your name twice – will be giving you a second prize too, pattern of your choice.)

3- #2, Abigail!!

4, #26, Pam M!!

Yay so far! If this is you shoot me a message with the contact form up top with your address so I can have your book mailed!

I am using and going back and forth between my spreadsheet of subscribers so this is a little clunky slow. Will speed things up as I get more adept with the clicking!


Prize #5 is a package of yarn from Debbie Stoller’s yarn company, Stitch Nation.

And the winner IS…. #22 Meg B! A true yarn critic, so it will be interesting to get your take, Meg!

This is the yarn:

And it’s in this colorway:


Prizes #6-9 will be copies of my knitting pattern Necking. That’s this one:

Necking - new knitting pattern to be released August 2010. Sign up for the class in September at

6-#46 Angela S AGAIN! 

7-#18 Karen F! (do you already have it?)

8-#3 Amanda B!!

9-#30 Saille!!

Ok, email me and I’ll shoot you a copy of the pattern!


Prize #10 will be your choice of any three knitting patterns I have ever published.

Winner is… toyiarenee!! email me with your choices!

Prizes #11 and #12 will apply only to local knitters.

#11: Free admission to one class of mine at Serial Knitters yarn shop. 

Winner is: Lindsay!

#12: A one-on-one private knitting lesson on the topic of your choice.

Winner is: Debbie!

So please contact me to set up your dates for that!!

Thanks to everyone for playing! I hope you had fun.

For everyone who came to play, I have a SPECIAL UNANNOUNCED PRIZE! I am going to post coupon good in my shop:

Get Necking pattern for ONLY $1, good until January 1.

I will go make that coupon and post it back here¬†…

Happy New Year and stuff!!


The coupon code to use in the wooly wonder store is: yopp.  That will be good for $3 off Necking, bringing your price to $1 plus tax where applicable!

You can also purchase the pattern on ravelry for $1 by following this link, or by entering the same code, yopp.

27 subscribers – yay!

It’s a good start, but I really need your help getting the word out the knitters! Please do what you can to post this around. Have you noticed there is a facebook “like” button and a tweet button in the comments area?¬† Anyone want to test¬†’em out?

If you’re just showing up be sure to have a look at the blog contest with knitterly prizes over HERE. Also, see the menu up top where it says freebies? There’s one in there – more to follow. Serial Knitters, your class handouts are coming soon. Did Debie forward those?

Thanks again for coming out to play. Do say hello and register or subscribe! Gonna finish making dessert for tomorrow’s teacher potluck. Yum!

a present for you…

¬†To continue the blog-opening celebration I have a present for you. Can you guess what it is?¬† It’s my blanket pattern from this awesome new book, Superstar Knitting:

Why do you need another knitting book? What does this one have to offer?

Well, first, it is hilarious. I find the Debbie Stoller writing style to be so terribly amusing. I can’t resist topic titles like, “knit, if you will, a picture” and “Lace, The Final Frontier”. That gives me a laugh, and the book is full of little giggles like that. “Start Me Up” is the name of the section on cast-ons. So if you know me you can imagine I’m Prince-ing and Mick Jagger-ing all over the place having a fun old time just reading the book.

Then there is the instructional section of the book.¬†Directions are simple and clear, with helpful illustrations. There’s even a section on creating your own patterns that¬†leads you through the calculations necessary to design several sweater styles. If you don’t know how to design with percentages, this is a great read to get you started. Plus, the book is chock full of handy hints like how many stitches to pick up around a neckline and how to create twisted cord.¬† I love twisted cord! If you are an advanced beginner ready to take on something more challenging than a scarf then you need a fantastic guide – this book is gonna be your sherpa.

Finally there are the patterns.¬† How adorable! From a baby sweater with an interchangeable front panel (spit up here, spit up gone!)¬†adorned with intarsia animals to the fantastic squirrel mittens you need, there is eye candy galore. And not only that, these are patterns you’ll actually want to knit and designs you’ll want to wear. Even if you pretty much know all the techniques,¬†it is worth it for the 40+ patterns. The crowd favorite when I show this book around is the Rococo Shawl by Elena Rosenberg. Elena, if you’re reading, I think you’ve designed the one that’ll be racking up the hits on ravelry.

So there you have it in a nutshell, my zippy review of the new S ‘n B book. Great gift for a knitter. Or, win¬†one in my superfantastic blog contest.

¬†Enjoy the pattern, and do send a photo if you knit one up. It’s a fun knit, makes a great gift, if I do say so myself.

Happy knitting! Say hello…