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Two new classes at Serial Knitters: November and December 2016

Ready for some great classes? I’ve got two fun ones coming in¬†November and December!

In November I’m teaching an Intro to Brioche class on Sunday, November 13 from 1:30 to 3:30.

In December I’m teaching a Knitalong class for Iris Schreier’s¬†gorgeous Key of Life¬†- ¬†That class will be two Sundays, December 4th and 11th, 1:30 to 3:30.

Here’s the project!




















A few techniques you will study with this project: garter stitch tab cast-on, short rows, knitting in ends as you go, tricks for working two-color stripes and three-needle bind off. And of course there will be secret tips and tricks.

Stop in the shop or give a call at 425-242-0086 to register for a class.

Hosta Class at Serial Knitters was a great success

Even Nancy Marchant was impressed! Looking forward to meeting her at Madrona next month. Will you be there? Come see my free Fox Paws Demo in the rotunda Thursday afternoon or message me so we can connect!

teaching update – opportunities to knit together

Hi Friends! Exciting classes, including some freebies, coming up in the next few months. Please register! Excited to knit with you. Also, see above, a new feature called “teaching calendar” so you can stay up to date!

At Serial Knitters:

Two Color Brioche Workshop – the Hosta Scarf, a Nancy Marchant pattern

Brioche stitch in two colors! Wow! So beautiful! Students must be familiar with knitting brioche stitch.

  • 2 class sessions
  • Cost $70 plus pattern & supplies (Please purchase the pattern here or here on your own and bring your copy to class.)
  • Saturdays, January 9th & 23rd from 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Call or visit Serial Knitters to register. Class size is limited. 425-242-0086

Free #CeliaStrong Poncho Demo —Two Color Brioche

Saturday, January 9 from 3:30pm—4:30pm

Get hands-on help with the techniques from my latest pattern, #CeliaStrong. We’d be happy¬†to¬†help you with your yarn selection or¬†show you the fun tricks that make this a quick and interesting knit. Try one on! Everyone wants to knit #CeliaStrong. (She’s already strong, but we’re knitting her even stronger!)

Registration is not required.

Check out the Serial Knitters website for the most up-do-date info on classes offered in the Kirkland, WA shop.

And Elsewhere…

Fox Paws Foundations – mini-class at the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat,¬†FEBRUARY 11-14, 2016,¬†Hotel Murano, Tacoma, Washington. (Mini-Class Schedule is released in January 2016. – Sign up for updates on their page to get the latest information.) I’ll also be doing a free Fox Paws Q & A in the rotunda at Madrona – more details to follow.

Fox Paws Foundations with Pamela Grossman

Have you gazed in wonder at Xandy Peters’ mind-bending designs? If you haven’t, you should, right here:

Maybe you’ve thought, “How could I ever do something that complex and fancy?” Perhaps you’ve agonized, “I’m a fabulous, experienced knitter, why is Fox Paws so hard for me!”

Help is at hand. Join Pamela Grossman for Fox Paws Foundations to learn the unusual stitch patterns and techniques used in Fox Paws. To prepare for her Fox Paws workshops at Serial Knitters in Kirkland, WA, Pamela undertook an in-depth study of the pattern devising tips and strategies to help knitters truly understand the compelling but tricky stacked increases and decreases. She collaborated with Xandy while developing the workshop plan.

In our class we’ll learn about stacked increases and decreases, do an exploratory swatch and, as time allows, test out the practice mini-projects from Xandy Peters’ blog, the Star and Oak Leaf practice projects: (free) (free)

We’ll also get an overview of the video playlist that Pamela has organized to support Fox Paws.  If time allows, we will review the Fox Paws pattern itself alongside Pamela’s “Fox Paws Cheat Sheet” – an unofficial guide to parsing the pattern and remaining calm despite the challenges of the dreaded, feared and adored row 6.

Skills required: casting on, knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, binding off (adventurous advanced beginner)


  • Your own printed copy of the Fox Paws Pattern
  • Medium-weight (DK, sport or worsted), bouncy scrap yarn. Pick something with some stretch to it. It‚Äôs nice to have a few colors for experimenting. Weight doesn‚Äôt matter, just pick something that is comfortable for you.
  • Needles to match. (Size 7 or 8 or whatever you use for medium weight yarn.) You may want to bring a few different types to see what works best. Wood needles can be tricky for this project as there is a lot of stress on the needles and some have experienced breakage. Circulars are suggested because of the flexible cable.
  • The usual notions and tools, stitch markers, scissors, etc.
  • optional: internet-connected tablet, phone or laptop

Homework: Cast on for the following swatch:

  • Cast on 25 stitches with a medium weight yarn and matching needles. Knit two rows garter stitch.

NOTE: We will not have time in this session to do an in-depth study of Xandy’s pattern. Pamela will be able share her cheat sheet, video playlist and other resources.

Interested in a class you don’t see or a private¬†lesson? Email pamelamama at or give a call over to Serial Knitters:425-242-0086.

Want to hire Pamela to teach a class at your venue? Email!


Remember how you wanted my help with your knitting project?

Remember how you wanted my help with your knitting project? Well now you can get it! I’m going to be hosting a few knitting circles at Serial Knitters. A Serial Knitters Knitting Circle is a two-hour session that costs $15 a session or $65 for a 5-session punch card. You come with your project and get help from the teacher on duty. Which will be me on the following dates:

Friday¬†July 31 -¬†2:30pm –4:30pm¬†

Sunday, August 2nd - 11:00am Р1:00pm 

Sunday, August 2nd - 1:30pm Р3:30pm

Friday, August 7 - 2:30pm Р4:30pm  


you know you want to learn the brioche stitch…

Would you like to learn the brioche stitch? Lucky you! I’m teaching a class at Serial Knitters:

  • Saturday, August 8th 1:30pm‚Äî3:30pm
  • Cost $35 plus supplies

All the details…¬†

Introduction to Brioche Stitch

The knitterati are calling brioche stitch THE stitch of 2015. Have you played with it? This rhythmic stitch creates a lofty fabric and the variations are fascinating. Gorgeous patterns by Nancy Marchant and Stephen West are seriously tempting, but it can be tricky to get started by reading a book. Get some hands-on help from Pamela Grossman in this beginning brioche class.  As a case study, we’ll review instructions for two lovely beginner-level patterns. If you’re feeling adventurous, bring along yarn to get started on one of these free beginner projects:

Brioche Scarf by Purl Soho –

Ferocious Briocheous by Stephen West:

knit purl brioche scarfBrioche Scarf by Purl Soho
ferocious briocheous Ferocious Briocheous by Stephen West

Thanks to Purl Soho and Stephen West for allowing use of their patterns and photos! 

You’ll learn:

  • basic brioche stitch
  • brioche terms
  • reading brioche patterns and charts


You’ll need:

  • worsted weight scrap yarn and needles that match for swatching and practice
  • supplies for one of the beginner projects, if you want to give it a try (yarn, needles, printout of the free pattern, notions, etc.)


Check the website for other class offerings! I’m also available for private lessons in English or ASL. 


Have a question? Feel free to contact the shop at the number and email address given below. 
Serial Knitters Yarn Shop
8427 122nd Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98033

Offering Summer Classes at Serial Knitters Yarn Shop in Kirkland, WA

Hey Knitters! Here’s a flyer describing my summer offerings at Serial Knitters. I’m also available for private knitting instruction through the shop. I can do classes in English or ASL! Any other classes you’d like to see? Let me know!

Pamela Grossman Summer Knitting Class descriptions 2015

Fox Paws KAL starts this Sunday!

There are still a few slots left for the in-person Fox Paws Workshop at Serial Knitters on 3/1, 3/8 and 3/22. Contact the shop if you want to sign up!

Serial Knitters
8427 122nd Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98033

If you are joining us virtually, look here for Virtual Session 1 of the knitalong, officially starting this Sunday (but I might actually have already posted it, ahem).

Everyone knitting- and learning-along with us is encouraged to tag Instagram posts with #foxpawsKAL, #serialknitters and tag me @pamelamama. If you aren’t on Instagram, it’s a fantastic place for knitters. #join #prettypictures #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #etc

Come say hello on the Ravelry Serial Knitters Forum.


Are you ready for the FOX PAWS KAL?

Hello Knitters!

Have you seen Xandy Peters‘ fantastic Fox Paws design? It’s is all over my friends feed on¬†Ravelry, turning heads and challenging even the esteemed Yarn Harlot¬†who likens it to “Feather and Fan¬†on smack”. ¬†Knitters are rising to the challenge. I saw a gorgeous version worn by Debie Frable at Serial Knitters, my LYS and knew I couldn’t resist.


Fox Paws! Knit up in Canopy fingering. Pattern available on #ravelry

A photo posted by Serial Knitters Yarn Shop (@serialknitters) on

I am gearing up to lead a Fox Paws Knitalong Р#foxpawsKAL. Are you in?  Two options:

  • There will be an in-person workshop series held at Serial Knitters yarn shop in Kirkland, WA. For those of you who want to come in person for the camaraderie and hands-on support, register by calling or popping in to the shop. Three two-hour sessions will be offered at the shop for the bargain price of $75.
  • For those of you sprinkled far and wide, join us virtually at the Serial Knitters forum on Ravelry. This option is open to everyone and is free.

Here’s the {k}nitty gritty:

Gearing up for the #foxpawsKAL

Fox Paws Knitalong and Workshop Sessions @ Serial Knitters, Kirkland, WA (

{In-person workshop sessions: March 1, March 8, March 22 – 1:30 to 3:30}

KAL Deadline: April 11th at Midnight  - Drawing in the shop April 12th for a $50 Serial Knitters Gift Certificate and a free pattern from Wooly Wonder.

Virtual knitalong on the SK Ravelry Forum:

To qualify for the drawing, post your completed project on the Serial Knitters Ravelry Forum in the FO thread by midnight, April 11th. Both workshop attendees and virtual participants are included in the drawing.

Session 1: New Stitches, Yarn and Color Selection. Learn the stitches with two practice mini-projects from Xandy Peterson: Star and Leaf projects; Select your yarn colors and experiment with stripe/color order.

Session 2: Pattern Study and Swatch. Decode the pattern, discover patterns within the pattern, practice with a swatch. Discuss stitch marker placement and lifeline strategies. Decide on your width and look at the numbers.

Session 3: Community Knit. If you haven’t already, cast on and begin. Share your progress and troubleshoot concerns. Get tips and suggestions.


Still not sure? I have a collection of information about the pattern here: Have a look, see what you think, and decide if you are ready to give it a try! Casting on together March 1st. You can follow my practice knit in preparation for this KAL on instagram with the hashtag #foxpawsKAL.

Long Tail Cast-on Tutorials, Tips and Tricks…

Hey Knitters, looking to learn the¬†Long Tail Cast-On? ¬†Here are some resources and suggestions to get you started…

Step One: Watch this lovely, simple tutorial from If you follow the link and go over to their website, she has a lovely explanation of the qualities of this cast-on.

Step Two: Grab some scrap yarn and give it a go.

Step Three: Celebrate and post a picture of what you’ve done!

Alternate Step Three: Throw it on the ground, mutter curses and post here about the problems you are having.

Tips for stretchy cast-on success… I recently took a class from knitting guru Cat Bordhi. She talked about the secret to a stretchy cast-on. When you make your cast-on, don’t pull those stitches tight and sit them close together. Space them out evenly with a small equal space between each stitch… about the size of the height of the stitch. This leaves space for a lovely stretchy edge.

More tricks… How long should the tail be?
With the long-tail cast-on you need to estimate the length of tail needed in order to make all of your stitches. That can be a drag. One way to avoid this is to cast on using two balls of yarn, or two ends of the same ball of yarn. How?

I found Julie Weisenberger’s short and useful blog tutorial here that shows it in pictures:

And here’s a clear, concise video version by Liat Gat:

Check them both out and see if you want to give this method a try.¬†The only downside is you have one more end to weave in at the end. However, in a future post I’m going to show you how to weave in your ends beautifully, so it’ll be nice to have some additional ends for practice …

Veterans, have other thoughts about the long-tail cast-on? Please share them here. Not everyone agrees on techniques because, luckily, we are all different. So, share your experience and any favorite resources you have.

Let’s practice casting on!

Third Blog is the Charm (cross-posted on FB)

This blog goes out to my Sewing/Fabric friends:

Hello! I’m planning a project to make “book bags” for my third graders, with the help of some parents. These would do the job of protecting books as they travel back and forth to school each day and housing reading logs and post-it notes. They need to fit picture and/or chapter books. I don’t think handles are essential.

I am in need of the following:

– fabric
– bias binding
– strategies for doing this project

Do you have any stash to contribute or ideas to help me do this properly? Right now we are using zip-lock bags and I anticipate they won’t last long. Wouldn’t personalized bags be cute?

Some Ideas:
Some schools buy these type:
Or these:

Thank you for your suggestions!