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minimalist update

-yesterday i made delicious biscotti

-today I scanned over 100 pages of student writing. a couple might have gone in upside down, but it was all or nothing.

-i left my ukulele on the kitchen counter so I might play it for the first time in months. It worked!

-Sam is on a three night camping overnight with his class. I hope he is having fun. quiet in the house without him. also, he has size nine feet. mens.

-i am too tired for punctuation

– i read Cutting For Stone – well, I listened on audiobook. Good book, great characters.

-tomorrow my class is having a giant presentation to celebrate the end of our unit of study. exciting!

-i have had a cough keeping me up at night for over a week.

– writing report cards!

-enjoyed Go Dog Go at SCT


enjoy this minimalist update.

eeyore-type update

I knit two very cute hats this weekend, but I’m too crabby to post pictures of them right now. Saturday was lovely as I threw myself into the knitting, but Sunday was not so fun as I paid the price for all the¬†not doing laundry or cleaning up¬†around the¬† house¬†and such.

I thought if Saturday was rest and energize day and Sunday was get to work day, that would be a good balance. Except Sunday rolled around and I still wasn’t quite getting in the groove. And the world being a sad, sad place is so draining, you know? So that’s why I haven’t finished my taxes yet.


Ok, there’s one hat picture.

And there’s another really bad iphone picture. The hat looks much better in person.

Did I mention my husband has been sick for a week? I am pretty sure he’ll cave and take the antibiotics before his hearing is fully compromised and his red eyes start shooting lasers at people. Probably.

These are not very important or even intersting complaints, so you proably are best off ignoring them so as not to encourage me to write more whiny posts in the future.

fewer emails from pamelamama’s blog…

So, it seems like my blog is generating a lot of emails for subscribers. I’ve changed the settings so that one email will go out per day letting you know what’s gone up on the blog that day. You wont’ get an email every single time, just a daily digest.

Let’s see if that’s more manageable… If you want to be a subscriber to the blog but not receive emails, you do that through the “register” option. Registered users can opt out of emails.

The Blog Contest is over — Here are the results! Thanks for playing!


So I think what I’ll do is post this blog and then update it with additional info as I go along so there’s just one post. You’ll have to hit refresh every once in a while, sound good?

My first job will be to compile my list of subscribers. If you’re not confirmed as a subscriber, then you have a few minutes to get on it! Say hi in comments if you’re hanging around!


Giveaways #1 – 4: Copies of the new Stitch ‘n Bitch book

1 – #16, Jamma!

2-#45, Angela S! (I actually drew your name twice – will be giving you a second prize too, pattern of your choice.)

3- #2, Abigail!!

4, #26, Pam M!!

Yay so far! If this is you shoot me a message with the contact form up top with your address so I can have your book mailed!

I am using and going back and forth between my spreadsheet of subscribers so this is a little clunky slow. Will speed things up as I get more adept with the clicking!


Prize #5 is a package of yarn from Debbie Stoller’s yarn company, Stitch Nation.

And the winner IS…. #22 Meg B! A true yarn critic, so it will be interesting to get your take, Meg!

This is the yarn:

And it’s in this colorway:


Prizes #6-9 will be copies of my knitting pattern Necking. That’s this one:

Necking - new knitting pattern to be released August 2010. Sign up for the class in September at

6-#46 Angela S AGAIN! 

7-#18 Karen F! (do you already have it?)

8-#3 Amanda B!!

9-#30 Saille!!

Ok, email me and I’ll shoot you a copy of the pattern!


Prize #10 will be your choice of any three knitting patterns I have ever published.

Winner is… toyiarenee!! email me with your choices!

Prizes #11 and #12 will apply only to local knitters.

#11: Free admission to one class of mine at Serial Knitters yarn shop. 

Winner is: Lindsay!

#12: A one-on-one private knitting lesson on the topic of your choice.

Winner is: Debbie!

So please contact me to set up your dates for that!!

Thanks to everyone for playing! I hope you had fun.

For everyone who came to play, I have a SPECIAL UNANNOUNCED PRIZE! I am going to post coupon good in my shop:

Get Necking pattern for ONLY $1, good until January 1.

I will go make that coupon and post it back here¬†…

Happy New Year and stuff!!


The coupon code to use in the wooly wonder store is: yopp.  That will be good for $3 off Necking, bringing your price to $1 plus tax where applicable!

You can also purchase the pattern on ravelry for $1 by following this link, or by entering the same code, yopp.

So how about that blog contest?

Good news… I’m not going to make you wait a whole ‘nother week to have the contest drawing! However I AM going to make you wait one more day. I am going to do the drawing at my leisure tomorrow. So that is tomorrow, ¬†Saturday, at about noon Pacific time. Will you join me here for the live blogging event?

It’s not too late to get in on the contest. Details are here. Happy Weekend, Happy Vacation, for those of you now on holiday, and Shabbat Shalom for those of you to whom that applies. *wave*

I see y’all trying to sneak in here without saying hello.

Really? After all this time, not even gonna say hello?

27 subscribers – yay!

It’s a good start, but I really need your help getting the word out the knitters! Please do what you can to post this around. Have you noticed there is a facebook “like” button and a tweet button in the comments area?¬† Anyone want to test¬†’em out?

If you’re just showing up be sure to have a look at the blog contest with knitterly prizes over HERE. Also, see the menu up top where it says freebies? There’s one in there – more to follow. Serial Knitters, your class handouts are coming soon. Did Debie forward those?

Thanks again for coming out to play. Do say hello and register or subscribe! Gonna finish making dessert for tomorrow’s teacher potluck. Yum!

my subscribers have doubled since yesterday!

How exciting, things are moving along here. Lots of friends are stopping by to say hello and to subscribe. In honor of unlucky Friday the 13th (ominous music) coming on a Monday this month, I will pose a question for you:

How are you feeling lucky?

Well, I hope there is some way you are feeling lucky. Will you post in the comments something you feel lucky about?

Today I got a present from¬†my friend Kristin in my mailbox. A whole slew of funny colored nailpolishes! I don’t paint my nails much, but this fun present may inspire me to mix things up a little. It’s so much fun to get a present, isn’t it?

Speaking of presents, I got a copy of my Fertility Blanket pages from the Stitch ‘n Bitch folks, so I’ll be sharing that with you on this very blog, shortly. First I have to write a review of the book to go with it. Nothing is truly free!

So, on with the lucky. What you got? Let’s get social. Don’t leave me hangin.

great big superfantastic blog party with knitterly prizes!

¬†Ok, it’s finally time for the Move-In Party! I want to get things rolling over here, reach out to former blog readers and invite new ones. In an effort to do this, there will be giveaways!

Giveaways #1 – 4: Copies of the new Stitch ‘n Bitch book in which I have a pattern! It’s a phenomenal book, really. I love the designs – there are some really adorable¬†and compelling patterns¬†in there. But the true selling point is all the technique advice. If you’ve ever said, I love knitting but I really want to move myself to the next level then this book is for you.

Here’s the book: ¬†

And here’s my pattern, the “Fertility Blanket” – not a great photo in terms of showing off the blanket, I have to admit. But the model looks nice, right? Hi lady!

 The publisher is sending me an excerpt of my pattern to share here on the blog. Stay tuned for that. Patterns for all!

Prize #5 is a package of yarn from Debbie Stoller’s yarn company, Stitch Nation. They sent me a sufficient quantity of yarn in the Bamboo Ewe line to make the blanket in the book. It’s a different gauge then the required yarn, but hey, it’s a little lap/baby blanket, we’re flexible.

This is the yarn:

And it’s in this colorway:

Prizes #6-9 will be copies of my knitting pattern Necking. That’s this one:

Necking - new knitting pattern to be released August 2010. Sign up for the class in September at

Prize #10 will be your choice of any three knitting patterns I have ever published.

Prizes #11 and #12 will apply only to local knitters.

#11: Free admission to one class of mine at Serial Knitters yarn shop. Debie at Serial Knitters has agreed to waive the tuition for a student to help me have one additional fabulous prize on the blog.

#12: A one-on-one private knitting lesson on the topic of your choice. Even “learn to knit” for those of you who like to say, “I always wanted to learn to knit!”¬† (Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that… I’d have plenty of dollars, let me tell you.)

And that’s it! Since today is 12/12 I thought twelve prizes would be an auspicious number.

But Pam, how do we enter this contest?

I am so glad you asked, thanks! To enter the contest you can do one of two things.

One: Subscribe Option. To enter, you simply subscribe to my blog or become a registered users. Subscribers can get email updates when I post. Registered users can log in and stay logged in so it’s easier to post comments AND can also get email updates if they want.¬†


Two: Social Networking Option. Help me get the word out. Using your social networking superpowers post a blog/FB status/tweet/what-have-you pointing to this post.¬†Tell your friends: Come join a contest on Pamelamama’s blog!¬† You get one entry for each social networking post you make. In the comments here, link to your post to show you’ve done the job, and I’ll add you to the random drawing.

Local folks need to post to the comments here indicating that you are local to the Seattle Metropolitan Area. then you’ll be included for prizes #12 and #11.

I plan to do the drawing on Friday 12/17 at 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Hopefully we’ll be able to rally a bunch of entrants by then. I reserve the right to push it out another week if it seems prudent. Hey, it’s my blog, right? ¬†

Any questions?

So you could potentially have MORE than one entry into this contest. Feeling lucky? I am! I feel lucky to have this fun outlet and I hope you’ll come and play.

Good luck!

yopp!! we are here!

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I am so excited to have you here; thank you for coming by.

As you may know, I’ve been blogging since 2003 on my old xanga blog about my life as a mom, my knitwear design business, my passion for teaching  and my commitment to eating delicious homemade desserts. Added recently: my enthusiasm (if not talent) for playing the ukulele.

Originally, my blogging goal was to keep in touch with my far-away-family Back East when we moved from New York to the Seattle area.  As a stay-at-home-mom I developed a wonderful extended family of what I call “imaginary friends” – many remain friends to this day.

I returned to work as a teacher in 2006 and my blogging became inconsistent.  I’ve gone quiet for periods as my real-life demands put writing on a back burner. But I do love to write, and I especially love the conversations and community that come out of blogging.

I hope you’ll join in the conversation here on my blog as I renew my commitment to writing on a daily basis. This blog will also post my twitter feed, so when micro-blogging is the best I can do, it will fill in between more substantial posts.

Subscribe below to get email updates when I post. You can also register for the blog in a box on the left which should keep you logged in for posting replies.

Coming¬†shortly, I’ll be celebrating the launching of my new blog with a knitting-related contest. I have some fun giveaways and such. Will you use¬†your social networking superpowers to help get the word out that I’m blogging again?¬†I have a plan I will share with you soon…

I very excited to re-connect with my friends, both real and imaginary, and add some new ones as well!

yopp! we are here! say hello!