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hearing myself talk

Well, hello.

If a person blogs in her backyard and there’s no one there to read it, did she really write anything?

We shall see. So I am thinking about perhaps rejuvenating this blog. But the problem is, what sort of blog would it be? Would it be a knitting blog? A teacher blog? A person who owns several ukuleles but doesn’t really play them sort of blog? Maybe a showoff what I’ve been baking and knitting kind of blog? Parenting trials and tribulations? All those things currently live on facebook… is there a reason to come back to the blog format?

What with it being summer and having some extra time that would ordinarily be allocated to laundry, blogging is looking kind of appealing.

Even if it is just for my own head-clearing writing-muscles benefit, I think I”ll try for a 15 day challenge. Let’s see if I can write just a little something every day. Here’s day one… anyone there?

Concerns to consider:

Is this blog auto-mailing itself to anyone from my previous life as a blogger… and is that going to be a mess?

Is this blog connecting itself automatically to facebook and twitter? In a good way?

How do I get a pinterest button up in here? (Anyone know?)

That’s all for now! See you tomorrow…