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crafty Bar Mitzvah idea… need your vision

Hi anyone who still reads my blog! I’m not making any promises about keeping this thing updated, but I do have a project idea and¬†I need some help developing it.

So, my 12 year old will be Bar Mitzvah’d in September of this year. (Oh my goodness!) I got an idea for a sort of living community craft project/art installation. See what you think…

Suppose I asked all my knitting/crocheting/crafting friends to make one or two kippot of any design made from yarn/material in your stash? (Kippot are essentially¬†the little head-coverings worn by Jews for religious observance.) Then I’d ask people to label them with their name and¬†where they are from. At the Bar Mitzvah¬†I would create a display of these¬†and people could pick one to wear for the event. It’s sort of like a functional art¬†installation. ¬†

But the idea isn’t quite there yet, because I want it to serve some greater social justice purpose. How can I make it a mitzvah project, an opportunity to do good in the world? Any ideas?

The idea of using people’s stash materials to do this matches with Sam’s Bar Mitzvah theme of environmental stewardship (reuse! recycle!) but I was hoping to take it a little further and do good as well as creating beauty.

Thoughts? And just to take a poll, would you be willing to knit/crochet/otherwise crochet a kippah out of any pattern you desire and send it to me for Sam’s special event? They are pretty small. 🙂

Problem Solved?

Bar Mitzvah Studies Take to the Web –

I found this article today about online tutoring for Bar Mitzvah studies. We’re looking at under two years until we¬†hope to celebrate Sam’s. (Really??) What to do, for a family who is not affiliated with a synagogue? There has never been a synagogue experience that clicked for our family. So this article has some ideas that we can explore as we stand firmly outside the box and get the brainstorming engine fired up.

Anyone have any alternative B’nai Mitzvah stories to share?