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Remember how you wanted my help with your knitting project?

Remember how you wanted my help with your knitting project? Well now you can get it! I’m going to be hosting a few knitting circles at Serial Knitters. A Serial Knitters Knitting Circle is a two-hour session that costs $15 a session or $65 for a 5-session punch card. You come with your project and get help from the teacher on duty. Which will be me on the following dates:

Friday July 31 - 2:30pm -4:30pm 

Sunday, August 2nd - 11:00am – 1:00pm 

Sunday, August 2nd - 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Friday, August 7 - 2:30pm – 4:30pm  


Ravelry Class at Serial Knitters on Sunday 7/26

Have any of these things happened to you?

  • You have some gorgeous yarn but aren’t sure what to make from it?
  • You have a great pattern but you don’t know what yarn will work well?
  • You are ready to start a new project but you wish you knew someone who has knit it before so they could give you some tips?

Do you know that there is a free and wonderful website that you can use to help you with all of these situations? It’s called Ravelry! I’m teaching a class in the basics of Ravelry which can solve all of those problems and more. Interested?

The class is happening this SUNDAY at Serial Knitters in Kirkland from 1:30 to 3:30. Here’s the full class description: 

Introduction to Social Media for Yarnies: Exploring 

Are you on This free website is a rich resource that connects you to the online world of knitting and crocheting, spinning, weaving, dyeing… etc! It’s a social network for yarny folks, and so much more. You can search for ideas and inspiration… find a pattern to use your stash yarn, explore projects made by others and see tips and reviews of patterns and yarns. Before you jump into your next project, get advice from knitters who have been there, done that and lived to tell the tale. You can join in crafty conversations of every variety. Connect with your real-life friends and make new virtual yarn-loving buddies. We will learn how to create an account, navigate different areas of the site, search for patterns and projects, connect with friends, see what patterns are popular and upload the details of your projects to share with other Ravelers. We’ll explore privacy settings, groups and forums. If time allows we’ll also have a peek at Instagram and Pinterest.

You’ll need:

  • A device that can connect to the internet, like a laptop or a tablet. Phones are not ideal because of the small screen size and keyboard.

Information about a current or past knitting project, including a few pictures and the yarn and needles you used. (You just need to know what you used, you don’t need to bring yarn or needles.)

A picture of yourself or something you’d like to use for your avatar. (The picture on your account.)

Spirit of adventure!

Pamela is a patient teacher who is happy to hold the hand of any technophobes who are ready to take the plunge.


Contact the shop to sign up!


you know you want to learn the brioche stitch…

Would you like to learn the brioche stitch? Lucky you! I’m teaching a class at Serial Knitters:

  • Saturday, August 8th 1:30pm—3:30pm
  • Cost $35 plus supplies

All the details… 

Introduction to Brioche Stitch

The knitterati are calling brioche stitch THE stitch of 2015. Have you played with it? This rhythmic stitch creates a lofty fabric and the variations are fascinating. Gorgeous patterns by Nancy Marchant and Stephen West are seriously tempting, but it can be tricky to get started by reading a book. Get some hands-on help from Pamela Grossman in this beginning brioche class.  As a case study, we’ll review instructions for two lovely beginner-level patterns. If you’re feeling adventurous, bring along yarn to get started on one of these free beginner projects:

Brioche Scarf by Purl Soho –

Ferocious Briocheous by Stephen West:

knit purl brioche scarfBrioche Scarf by Purl Soho
ferocious briocheous Ferocious Briocheous by Stephen West

Thanks to Purl Soho and Stephen West for allowing use of their patterns and photos! 

You’ll learn:

  • basic brioche stitch
  • brioche terms
  • reading brioche patterns and charts


You’ll need:

  • worsted weight scrap yarn and needles that match for swatching and practice
  • supplies for one of the beginner projects, if you want to give it a try (yarn, needles, printout of the free pattern, notions, etc.)


Check the website for other class offerings! I’m also available for private lessons in English or ASL. 


Have a question? Feel free to contact the shop at the number and email address given below. 
Serial Knitters Yarn Shop
8427 122nd Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98033

Offering Summer Classes at Serial Knitters Yarn Shop in Kirkland, WA

Hey Knitters! Here’s a flyer describing my summer offerings at Serial Knitters. I’m also available for private knitting instruction through the shop. I can do classes in English or ASL! Any other classes you’d like to see? Let me know!

Pamela Grossman Summer Knitting Class descriptions 2015

Last Fox Paws Class for March and new ideas brewing…

Today was the third and final session of the March Fox Paws KAL at Serial Knitters. Our tenacious and dedicated group has worked very hard over the past month and pushed on through the frustration of wrong stitch counts, dropped stitches and unfamiliar stitch-lumps. I was so excited to see everyone’s progress. Here are a few…

They are looking so beautiful and we are all grateful to Xandy Peters for this great pattern. For those of you who couldn’t make the session, post your progress pictures in the Serial Knitters Ravelry discussion forum here: Picture Thread.

Due to popular demand, we have scheduled another Fox Paws workshop in May! Details:

Fox Paws Workshop and Knit Along with Pamela Grossman. 

Workshop Series $75 –  Sundays, May 3, 24, & 31 from 1:30 – 3:30pm.

Loads more information on the shop website.

In other knitting news I am completely obsessed with the idea of combining three things I love: gorgeous long-color-changing Spincycle Yarn, mathematically inspiring mobius knitting and complex and beautiful stitchwork in two-color brioche. Oh, and then there’s a fourth element I’d like to experiment with: combining different yarn weights in the same project to create unexpected fabric.

So I’ve been desperate to carve out some time where I could just sit and explore some of these techniques. This weekend I got to play a bit. I experimented with a variation of Iris Schreier’s mobius cast-on that was surprisingly, a success on the first go-around! Here’s how it looked earlier today:


Loving this #briocheknitting #möbius experiment. #spincycle #manosmaxima #briochestitch

A photo posted by pamela grossman (@pamelamama) on

Serial Knitters just got in a big selection of Dyed in the Wool from Spincycle and I am pairing it up with some Shibui and Madelinetosh for inspiration. Dreamy. I hope to have more to show you soon. Once I get a basic version of this pattern written, I want to incorporate some fancy brioche stitch patterns like those featured in Nancy Marchant‘s gorgeous new book Knitting Fresh Brioche. I predict there will be some brioche stitch classes coming your way soon…

Find lots more pictures of my experiments on my Instagram page. Love to hear your feedback! Happy knitting!



#foxpawsKAL session 2 details

Hello Knitters,

Session two started with looking at a couple of videos to learn how to work in ends as we go. Important skill. Saves much work later on.

Check out the videos on my Fox Paws Video Playlist.

Then we went over my cheat sheet document. Virtual kal-ers, message me via email or on Ravelry with a promise that you have purchased Fox Paws and your email address and I will send you a PDF of this document. It has row-by-row instructions on marker placement, vertical alignment and other fancy stuff. You need the actual Fox Paws pattern to fully utilize the cheat sheet!

Please share photos of your work and your questions in this thread on Ravelry. Love to see how you are doing!

Happy knitting!

Fox Paws KAL Day 1!

What a great group of knitters we had at our first in-person Fox Paws workshop at Serial Knitters! Today I gave an overview of the project, then we reviewed and practiced the new stitches that are the building blocks for Fox Paws. Students practiced stacked increases and decreases and learned to “read” their knitting when applying these new techniques.

We watched some videos (playlist here) and experimented with designer Xandy Peters’ two practice patterns Star and Oak Leaf. (Both are free on her blog and in PDF form on Ravelry.) Access my research document with all of the relevant clickable links here. Come post your progress and questions on the Serial Knitters Ravelry Forum. We’re on our way to knitting Fox Paws!


Case Study: Deciding on Debbie W’s Fox Paws Color Scheme

My new friend Debbie in California is excited about doing the Fox Paws knitalong but has struggled with color selection. She ordered a pile of Gloss Fingering yarn from Knit Picks and, after sifting through, nothing seemed to click. Then she saw this photo and it all came together.

butterfly paws image


(Does anyone have a credit for this photo?)

She selected these yarns plus black to make her project:

butterfly paws yarn


We conferenced online to walk through the process of creating her color scheme. I’ll share with you some of the screenshots of our collaboration.

First, I used Adobe Color to mock up Debbie’s Palette.

adobe color screenshot of Debbie's Palette

She wasn’t sure it captured the colors correctly so I tried again for a lighter green:

adobe color screenshot of Debbie's Palette 2


More true to life, Debbie said. She told me she was surreptitiously holding her yarn up to her iPhone and hoping no one saw her…


I opened up Xandy Peter’s coloring page for Fox Paws in MS Paint and pasted in the palette. We tried for the first color, purple as A. Then, tested out yellow as the border color.

Debbies A D

She liked it! We filled in all of the D as yellow. Now, what should border the yellow?

Debbie's A D What next.

First we tried blue to border the yellow.

Debbie's A D Try Blue

Not our favorite. We tried black. Better!

Debbie's A D Try black

Next decision, what to border the black? We went for the bold blue.

Debbie's A B D Try E as blue


We both loved it! That left only to fill in the green. It worked beautifully:

Debbie's Screenshot of all colors filled in


And here’s the final jpeg of the image that she can use when she knits her Fox Paws:

Debbie's fox paws coloring page image complete

Happy knitting, Debbie! We want lots of photos!

Follow Debbie’s project here.

For an in-depth explanation of using Paint to plan your Fox Paws colors, click here for my earlier blog post, Playing With Colors.



Fox Paws Updated Class Overview with Materials List

Fox Paws Knitalong and Workshop Sessions @ Serial Knitters, Kirkland, WA (
{In-person workshop sessions: March 1, March 8, March 22 – 1:30 to 3:30}

KAL Deadline: April 25th at Midnight – Drawing in the shop April 26th for a $50 Serial Knitters Gift Certificate and a free pattern from Wooly Wonder. {This date represents a change; originally it was a shorter time period.}

Virtual knitalong on the SK Ravelry Forum:

To qualify for the drawing, post your completed project on the Serial Knitters Ravelry Forum in the FO thread by midnight, April 25th. Both workshop attendees and virtual participants are included in the drawing.

Session 1: New Stitches, Yarn and Color Selection.Learn the stitches with two practice mini-projects from Xandy Peters: Star and Leaf projects; Select your yarn colors and experiment with stripe/color order.

Materials needed for Session 1:

  • Medium-weight, bouncy scrap yarn. Pick something with some stretch to it. It’s nice to have a couple of colors for experimenting. Weight doesn’t matter, just pick something that is comfortable for experimenting.
  • Needles to match. You may want to bring a few different types to see what works best. Wood needles can be tricky for this project as there is a lot of stress on the needles and some have experienced breakage. Circulars are suggested because of the flexible cable.
  • The usual notions and tools, stitch markers, scissors, etc.
  • Optional: Laptop or tablet
  • Optional: Color scheme ideas

Session 2: Pattern Study and Swatch.Decode the pattern, discover patterns within the pattern, practice with a swatch. Discuss stitch marker placement and lifeline strategies. Decide on your width and look at the numbers.

Materials needed for Session 2:

  • Fox Paws Pattern
  • Project Yarn and needles
  • The usual notions and tools, stitch markers, scissors, etc.
  • Optional: Laptop or tablet

Session 3: Community Knit. If you haven’t already, cast on and begin. Share your progress and troubleshoot concerns. Get tips and suggestions.

Materials needed for Session 3:

  • Your work in progress

Fox Paws KAL starts this Sunday!

There are still a few slots left for the in-person Fox Paws Workshop at Serial Knitters on 3/1, 3/8 and 3/22. Contact the shop if you want to sign up!

Serial Knitters
8427 122nd Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98033

If you are joining us virtually, look here for Virtual Session 1 of the knitalong, officially starting this Sunday (but I might actually have already posted it, ahem).

Everyone knitting- and learning-along with us is encouraged to tag Instagram posts with #foxpawsKAL, #serialknitters and tag me @pamelamama. If you aren’t on Instagram, it’s a fantastic place for knitters. #join #prettypictures #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #etc

Come say hello on the Ravelry Serial Knitters Forum.